K-12 Technology Integration

Royce Kimmons, PhD

Foundational conceptual knowledge for guiding effective technology integration in K-12

This open textbook was written by and for educators to provide foundational knowledge on technology integration concepts. Big picture topics discussed in the text include: evaluation of educational resources, online professionalism, safety, lifelong learning, copyright, and open licensing.


Book Description

This open textbook is intended to be a continual work-in-progress that adapts with time and benefits from community feedback. If you would like to make suggestions or contributions to this work, please contact Dr. Royce Kimmons for more information.

This book is also available as a PDF download.

About the Author

Dr. Royce Kimmons is an Assistant Professor of Instructional Psychology and Technology at Brigham Young University where he studies technology integration in K-12/higher education, open education, and social media. More information about his work may be found on his website at http://roycekimmons.com, and you may also follow him on Twitter @roycekimmons.